Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ops, I did it again!

Oh dear, it's been over 12 months since my last post. Wow, just wow hah! Well to be fair, I really have no time with this blogging thingy since my last entry. I have been really busy with my study and voilllaaaa now I'm graduated and.... unemployed. *sobs*

Now I'm back on blogsphere and plan on updating it at least twice a month (in sha allah. kita hanya merancang hihihi). I re-read my own blog *like seriously* just now and I found that, it was so fun flashing back all the memories. I should have documented more!

Minutes before I post this entry, I had a phone call with Ben. He was asking me what I'm doing and I'm just straight forwardly sayin I'm about to blow some dust on my blog. Then he said, recently he has been visited my blog just to check out any new updates! Aww, I feel a little surprised and excited -- well to know that my blog has at least one loyal fan and stalker ^^

Will update story and pictures about my graduation, Ben's 23rd birthday, my last raya, life, thought and ideas anytime soon. Stay tuned :)

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walidin net said...

Its very long time not to post the blog, keep sharing everything what you did.

walidin net said...

That will be good live docs.

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