Monday, June 29, 2015

you have to be strong

The holidays just have started.

College life can definitely be stressful, hard, and will sometimes makes me cry. I am so grateful this semester was a really great semester.  It started good, with a range of problems during the mid, but finally ended up so, so great. I met a lot of new amazing girls and some happened to be my lovely good friends. I love how we can suddenly get so close, wait one another before going to places, care about each other, laugh at everyone’s joke, and stay keep in touch. I love all of them so much.

I do enjoy spending my time with friends but I must say more time is used to get the boy and I together, to do things together. We love hanging out, watching movies, doing assignments, gaming, shopping, going to places, going out to lunch and dinner and sharing snow cones, together. So happy and grateful because I can spend time with friends as well without compromising my time with the boy. Friends were also very supportive and were such darling when they often included Ben in any conversation. They were even very concerned about me; my studies, problems, health, safety, relationship, and whatnot. So for that, I felt truly blessed!

{The weather was so bright}

On the last day before Ben and I went back to our hometown respectively, we decided to have a long dates, and took some pictures just like what we always do at the end of each semester. On that day, I wore white because the weather was very, very hot but pleasantly beautiful. It was just a perfect pretty day for our pretty little date. I got messages from Ben via WhatsApp before I drove off to campus - to meet him there. He was asking me what shirt color I wore, so he could wore the same color shirt too. Aww, I think he's so cute and the sweetest!

{My favourite boy}

We did some rayas shopping, and watched movie. We broke the fast with our favorite menu at the pizzas and had a truly sweetest time. I am more in love with the boy every single day. Tho we have dissimilar priorities and wildly different thought, I think it is part of the process - and I think we just have always know.

We are still learning to be together.

Sometimes it was very stressful but also really, really awesome. We choose to be in love that requires two strong person to strong enough to put on so, so much faith on each other, love that requires two strong person to strong enough to sacrifice a lot of things, and love that requires two strong person to strong enough to keep all their promises to go through all the obstacles together, in order to be together. Because strong, strong love was just like that.

"Sayang kuat k?" said Ben - Okay!

The boy would always says "Good girl sayang" each time I did something positive or good. I love it so much! He says it with a very heartwarming tone and cutest smile and he’s just so handsome! I can’t explain the feeling when the words flew over my ears, delighted me up, and just molten my heart. I think it was just the sweetest thing which made me wanted to do all good so I will keep getting those words, often!

Saying goodbye is really not my favorite - not even Ben - either the girls. I can’t wait for the new semester to begin. It's gonna be my final year! I have a lot of future plans in my head! I feel a little crazy, but mostly in a good way ^^

Happy holiday!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Ben turns twenty-two

Late post.

{Ben on his 22th birthday}

My Bunny bambam! (Just another silly name I call him hehe!)

Ben once said, birthday celebration was something foreign for him. He wasn't spoiled with party and gifts as he grew up. He wasn't a big fan of his birthday as I am. I love birthdays! Even he said celebrating his birthday wasn't his thing, I'm still going to celebrate it anyway, from now on! Because I think he's worth celebrating, he deserve a cake, he deserve to feel special! I want to celebrate the fact that he was somebody in my life and has drastically changed it since I met him. I want to celebrate how much he means to me and how much I love him. Throughout our relationship, I have seen how he strives to be the best for me. His dream is to be my dream guy and I know not all girls are lucky enough to say that. Your girlfriend loves you so much, Bunny!

{Ben's birthday cake}

Yummy whole cake!

Weeks before his birthday, I had this plan to throw him a surprise. I am desperately wanted the surprise will be something that he will never forget. Alhamdulillah the plan went well and it went like this. I took Ben to a restaurant that he never visited for a birthday treat. As we sat, he said he liked the environment and for that I am so happy! Ben thought the dinner will be just between us two, when it was not. Behind us there were his colleagues who I entrust to buy cake and actually the main part of the surprise. Ben has been telling me how much he miss his ex roommates so I get them all united on his birthday!

While Ben and I waiting for our food to be serve, his friends came, shook hands, and greet him Happy Birthday. Ben surprised but he thought it was just a coincidence to meet them guys there until suddenly a fancy Happy Birthday song was played loudly by the restaurant. I stick my eyes on Ben to see his reaction. He looks confused. Other customers stopped a while to find out to whom the Happy Birthday song was addressed. Some were even clapping and singing along too. Ben completely had no idea what was happening. But not for that long! Ben smiled widely, like very, very wide when a cake with burning candles was brought to our table! He surprised, and rejoiced!

Above is a short video that I manage to record. Ben looks so happy and excited. He even almost cut the cake without blowing out the candles first! Ah, I love that boy so much. I am thankful for sporting staff and friends!

{This photo was taken just after Ben cut his cake}
Ben, his cute girlfriend^^, and friends!

Happy birthday to my daily source of happiness, my best adviser, my pizza and movie buddy. The one who makes me laugh and cry the hardest, who will fix all problems I made, who finances me a lot, who tolerates my mood swings very well, who listens to my endless crappy stories, who will lend his shoulder to cry on, who drives me anywhere, who always says I'm pretty, my favorite chilling companion, who taught me how to drive, who checks on me everyday, who ends every conversation with an I love you, whom I’ve jumped off the sea and enjoy the salty water with. I do remember all the little things, Bunny.

I wish you joy and happiness. I feel so blessed to have such a loving and best buddy, who happens being my boyfriend. Having you by my side is a greatest gift. I love you so much. I know you don't check my blog regularly but when you finally turn into this page and read this post, I hope you will smile very, very big :)

Girlfriend loves you!

Paling Chomel by Nana Ichigo