Sunday, May 31, 2015

one year and counting

I can't believe I'm dating a boy named Ben for a year now. Ben and I first met in 2011. We went to the same camp for National Service training after SPM, and were in the same company. Basically, that is how we met lah LOL. Ben admired me ever since he saw me at the camp. That was what he told me on March 25th, last year. Back in the past, Ben had actually been trying to convey his feelings. But he got no reply. Dia bilang waktu tu saya jual mahal. Dia malu sangat. So he stopped there. We never became friends. He said,

  • siapa lah saya mahu mengurat kamu, hidung tak mancung pipi terserong-serong.

LOL so funny recalling back the memories :3

Finally after years we meet again. This time, we went to the same campus! We bumped and came across several times. I just secretly admired this boy (too). Admire only, belum ada unsur kasih sayang di sini. He looks smart and handsome ekekeke. Effect puberty kot, LOL. Virtually, we were friends in social media. We've been always reply to comments and liked each others post as if we were close, but we're not. Oh you know sometime, virtually we function like that kan? Hehew! I shorten, one night the boy suddenly tries to confess me again. I never thought this would happen but I said,

  • yes.

{Here we are back then}
Sweetie pies. 

I thought Ben was joking. I didn't know much about this boy who afterward called me what? Sayang?? I act cool but gosh so awkward, so uncomfortable. Anyway, that was a year ago. I'm glad I said, yes. After just some days dating, I eventually fall for this boy, too. Frankly those time I had a really bad acne and I did look ugly. I was terribly insecure and I have been hating myself! Waktu first meeting dengan Ben, aku banyak kali tanya,

  • Kau serius kah dengan aku ni Ben? (ulang satu ratus kali)

 Despite all my flaws, until now Ben's answer still remains the same :)

{This photo was taken yesterday}
My favorite boy.

Earlier today before we parted (I went back to hometown, while Ben went back to his room to do the outstanding assignment), I asked Ben,

"Do I look okay?" as I tie a stripe of ribbon on my head and put on my glasses.

With a very big happy smile, Ben replied,

"You look sweet!"

Awwh, those little conversation guys :3

{This photo was taken on last 6 May, on Ben's birthday}
Sure I will blog about Ben's birthday celebration in another post. {Ben turns twenty-two}

As long as I have the chance, I won't let feelings and words wasted not being expressed. I love Ben for many reasons. I love him for being him, I love him because of his family, I love him because of God. God who sends me this kind of man that I need in my life. Who loves me, protects me, takes a really good care of me, who shows me my self-worth, who gives me strength, who taught and motivates me a lot, who tolerates me well, who constantly show his love, who supports me in every way without believing in any of my doubts about myself, who loves me despite my flaws, who loves me just the way I am, who makes me feel pretty, who call me his princess, who always end a conversation with an "I love you", who makes me feel fully accepted, welcomed, and loved.

He's like a gift that sent to me every single day. He sacrificed so many things and time for me. He helped me a lot when I was in trouble and despair. He has done a lot of things. He showered me with a lot of happiness. I look for him everyday. And never once I forgot the passion and sacrifice he has ever done for me. He's so kind. Recalling back all his sacrifice just now made me cry :"( Because I never thought I would ever had someone like him. He's truly beautiful. I won't ask for other. I feel complete. I love how we compliment each other. I love how we share and laugh at so many different thought and perspectives. I love how we complain and argue on things and bring out what the best and finally - - we had so many things in common now.

We have our favorite place. We have our favorite songs. We have our favorite foods. We made a very good company. I believe sometimes fate might whisper but in our case, it screamed. In a short time we faced so many obstacles and challenges together and now I am so excited to face what coming up next! Ben you are the best I ever have, I wrote this for you. Thank you for a year of great and meaningful relationship I've ever been in, which is pretty neat with good stories, good laughs, good cries, and good fights. Please keep dating me, keep making me feel special, keep choosing me above everything, keep cherish me, keep admiring me, keep focusing on me and keep reserving your heart only for me. Thanks for making most of my days are special days in my life.

{Baby I never expect you can be so important to me}

I love you so much!

Paling Chomel by Nana Ichigo