Saturday, March 14, 2015

life update

Hello you people! *Waving*

Long time no see! Just starting a new semester. Welcome sem four! I begin this semester with spending a lot of money to pay fees and complaining how can the university suddenly placing a new condition that students have to pay study fees first before they can do the "add drop" process BUT an exemption were granted to PTPTN borrowers which mean em guys can proceed to do the add drop process and filled up the quota of most preferred subjects lah, HOW UNFAIR!

Don't the university understand its in the earlier semester students need to use more money to buy things lah, food stock lah, pay house rent lah, pay field trip fees, fees and more other fees, money to replace broken shoes, money to replace those torn bag, and such things lah? The borrowers fella haven't pay the fees as well what? Scream this bullshit is not fair! I’m pretty much incapable of shopping right now. I could not even purchase my favourite shampoo and conditioner. For now I have to use the cheaper one. I’m trying to get used to the not so favorite one but I can’t help myself. I feel mistreated. CRIES!

{Reunited after sem break}

Feels so pleasant and awkward at the same time to have Bunny in the same class for PPIB subject in this sem. Now that I don't understand why the university asked the band 3 and above students to take foreign subject in the earliest three sem and now must take English subject again lah? I thought the torture has ended but NO. Dah lah kena class malam. Now it is really a torture!

On the other day I went to the sports complex after my evening class ended to accompany the boy doing some drill. But I arrived just after he had finished doing things so I came only to take some selfies LOLOL.

{Current favourite}

THIS The boy and I were very happy with pizza pastry crown from pizza hut. We loveeee pizza and our most favorite pizza's top is bbq! The pastry crown come with overflow herb chicken meat chunks, bbq sauce, mozzarella cheese, and crust cheese three flavors which definitely give you satisfaction in taste. So tell me how can we cannot love pastry crown? Haven't try the new menu yet? Go try faster ahh! They say it only available until 31 March! For real ah? Uwaaaaa, so sad!

{High face after pizza LOLOL}

Due to rarely doing any updates, I really appreciate your presence here. Thanks for the visit! I'm still a part of blogger-sphere ah. I still blog bah! 

Ttyl. Bye!

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