Friday, January 30, 2015

another new year and another happy birthday

First post in 2015.

Wishing you a very happy new year! I knew it was too little too late already but legend say better than never what? Ngee! I enjoy reading everyone's new year resolution posted  here in social media while I sip my warm cadbury drink as I do not have any because whatever, throughout the year I just gonna do what I want to do hehe! I have no new year resolution because I never achieve what I wrote so baik aku tak payah buat 

{Bunny took me to Grace Point to have kinda New Year dinner celebration haha}

First day of new year was very stressful with a lots of problem but I choose to remember only happy things. Bunny brought me hanging and strolling around the city to release some burdens, had McD at the evening and bought me the first character of Kitty Bubbly World and said,

  • Ini hadiah hari jadi.

And as I remember, I am so happy with the advance birthday gift. Yeay!  I clearly aware it was just a Hello Kitty plushie. I am not a high demand person, I can find joy in every little things :) .............. as I grow up lah. I simplicate my mentality which allow myself to feel joy in everything and soak myself in them. Is simplicate is even a word? The auto correct keep correcting me hahahah whatever!

The tenth day of January was my birthday! I had practically no plans tho. I didn’t prepare any special outfit and I remember I spent the birthday morning being lazy on my bed. In the evening, mama come to city and surprised me with a whole yummy birthday cake. Aww, thank you mother!

Bunny came at night. He surprised me with another two wrapped gifts Aww! I love surprises! Thank you bunny!

{Bunny brought me to Nandos for a birthday treat}

I received a lot of sweet birthday wishes from friends and relatives through facebook, wechat, whatsapp oh you know lah kan “us” these day.  My most favorite is from Wina, my friend since the middle school. We were now taking the same course in the university :)

Her wishes goes like:

  • “Happy birthday sumandak. May god bless you, success and stay cute (Add lots of whatsapp’s fruits and vegetables emoticon here)

Isn’t it obvious you guys? Usually people send love, or kisses emoticon what?! So I replied:

  • “Thank you Wina. Banyaknya buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran”

Wina replied:

  • “Bajet 2015. Supaya ko sihat. Hahah”

LOLOL! This girl ah! (You'll get the joke if you can relate)  Anyway, I appreciate every little wishes from you guys ahh. Thank you for making some effort to write and say something on my birthday!

As I reached 22, I wish;
  • my face will always look younger than my age. I don't look like 22 bah kan?
  • may I find the perfect shade of lipstick.

Hmm, for this moment I can only think of this two! Lolol! Yes I am officially 22. Age is just a number kan you peopleee. I am still young at heart I mentioned it in my bio at the side bar hahaha.

Paling Chomel by Nana Ichigo