Friday, December 19, 2014

blowing up the dust

{My first met w Ben's mummy, daddy and his lil bro earlier this month}

What a tough semester you guys. A lot of assignments were given but only managed to find a slight of reference materials :( Plus, I faced so many health problems and last month was the worst. I skipped so many classes but due to so many group meeting and presentations,  I still need to wake up and get dressed as usual. Except, I don’t do my everyday makeup and refused to wear contact lenses because I get paranoid thinking about what if I get so sick and fainted with my lenses on? Walking slow with pale face and short sighted, I thought all days I must be looked like a zombie.

I hate that last few weeks I get super moody and grumpy. I guess it is because the pressures that life brings to me. I regret that very much, the moody and grumpy thingies. Because it was terrible, like very terrible you guys. I am stupid enough to shout over the boy for any small mistakes either made by me or him to release the burdens. So when the boy get angry (too) and went away, I was left to my own devices and felt so lonely. I just realize that I rely for happiness, entertainment, get my jobs done, and almost everything on that boy way too much. So when he is not around, I become a hermit :( 


I've learned if something is important to me, I should get the thing done myself. If I want something, it was me who should work hard to get them in my hand. If I want to go to somewhere, it was me who should get my ass off to go to the places. So at least, if the thing doesn't work like how I desired it to be, I have no one to blame but myself.

And, we both discovered that hard times can help us learn how to appreciate a person or things even more. Sometimes we have to feel alone and frightened before we can appreciate. Say sorry before its too late! Not just about love and lover thingies lah, we should appreciate mummy daddy too, family, good friends, anyone and everything in our surrounding. I hope you can relate!

Anyway, one most important thing that I've learned is, we should never give up on person we love. I mean like why let go something that you once wanted? Kan?!


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ezyra daniel said...

good luck for both of you..btw sweet je buah hati bawak meet dengan parents hehe...

ezyra daniel said...

ohh ye btw klik 3 INTI utk awak hehe

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