Tuesday, October 21, 2014

bapa curiosity

I am very happy to tell you guys that recently bapa bought me a car! I'd say I am the happiest girl in the world when bapa surprised me that night cox I  finally have to-worry-no-more about the transportation problems that I faced almost forever. Thank you father! So yesterday early morning, bapa took me to a-drive-better-lesson. Before we get started, we stopped at a roadside food stall to have breakfast. There were a group of young men waiting for their food to be served. A quarter minutes later, groups of families come over to have breakfast too. The atmosphere was good, as well as the food. After we finish our meal, bapa comes up with his silly questions like usual, I knew he'd started it again!

With curiosity and high volume bapa asked:

  • Bapa: Kalau ikan kan, dorang berlari kah berenang?
  • Me: {What?} Berenang lah ^^
  • Bapa: Kalau ikan lari, istilah dia berenang juga?
  • Me: Eyaaa ^^
  • Bapa: Ikan ni pandai penat kah?
  • Me: {No doubt I answered} Pandai lah! 
  • Bapa: Kalau ikan penat, dorang berpeluh kah?!

LOLOL kill me now. I can feel pairs of eyes looking at us like neither I or bapa is stupid. This crazy daddy of mine, he always has something ridiculous to say.

As bapa pay the bill, I thought my drive-better-lesson is now getting started. But I was wrong when bapa drove the car heading up to the town and parked in front of a shop selling car goods and accessories.

  • Bapa: Jom cari sticker untuk lekat di kereta baru ni.

Aaaa not again! I don't want bapa spoiled my car with nonsense wording stickers like what he did to our myvi previously. So with less agree I responded:

  • Me: Eeee, sticker apa?
  • Bapa: Hello Kitty lah.
  • Me: Ah?

I jump out from the car instantly LOLOL.

I have the craziest yet the best daddy, ever.

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Wanie Raina said...

congrats on ur new car ^^

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