Friday, September 26, 2014

life update and some little things

Hello! Its been a month I didn't hang around here!

New sem has begun. I am now a non resident of the residential college. I must say I am so excited about living in so called my very own house because it’s been one of my dream that someday I will move into an apartment, take a glass of juice for breakfast, wake up every day before the sun really rises to have a great ride on a bicycle while listening to some happy song.

For this moment I don’t own a bicycle lah hahaha. But it doesn't really matter cox I finally live in my own house and I can cook my food everyday!! come problems.

1) I don't have personal transport.
2) I don't have driving license.
3) I don't know how to drive HAHAHA.

I get so stress about transportation ya know? Like how can I go to kuliah lah? Rumah jauh dari kampus. Taking bus is fine but it takes up to 2 hours bah baru sampai kampus. Macam mana nda stress lagilagi kalau class start jam 8? Padahal kalau naik kereta 10 minit saja sudah sampai. Problem baby, problem.


Then, I am so grateful to have this boy in my life because he own a car LOL. He fetch and send me home everyday, problem solved! He helped me a lot, thank you baby. I love you! Even if you don't own a car I still love you whatt! :))

Before I move into the apartment, bapa worked very hard to complete the house. Installation of the lights and fans, wall additions, home renovations, build in furniture is all done by bapa, assisted by some of his friends, of course. I thank God for that man. he can do almost everything!

Mama came to city last Monday to attend a course for five days and sleepover at my house. Mama and Ben first met last night and I forgot to take photos of them two haish!! Next meeting must take photos!! To put up in my blog lah hehe!!

{Hey you this is me, using cam360 LOLOL}

I figured out it was better to get rid the old before buying the new one.  I reuse and wrapped my old books to give them a new look. I gathered all the old stationery of mine, threw away the unusable one. So many lah!! I was like haish!! Why bah I like to collect trash!! So no new pens, no new notebooks. no back to school shopping, nothing really new, except a new phone that mama bought for me, that I use to do above selfie, and taking lecture notes hehe!

I know you also use your handphone to capture lecture notes kan?! Takpayah nak buat muka student innocent kat sini.

{Dinner together last night to celebrate our monthsary}

I'm so happy yesterday, thank you baby Bunny. Bunny was the sweetest ever when he said, “baby you are now my purpose to live”, with elaboration why it was me, of course . I wrote this because that is the sweetest thing that someone ever told me and I would never let the boy to forget that, I AM HIS PURPOSE TO LIVE FTWWW.

Bunny, dalam masa beberapa tahun akan datang kita akan baca balik blog ni dan ketawa bersama-sama. I finally make a purpose why I should keep this blog. Hehek!

Have a great day everyone! (:

Paling Chomel by Nana Ichigo