Monday, July 07, 2014

not to little to late to

{Me and my mummy}

Wishing all muslim sisters and brothers happy ramadhan kareem! May our fasts be accepted, prayers be answered, and may Allah shower ramadhan's blessing on all of us. 


For friends that been bomb-ed and being restricted to fast in another country that I do not want to quote, I really don't know where is the love and what has happened to this world. (I certainly know no one of them will read my blog). Cruelty everywhere. Sometimes I hate to see or to hear or soon to suffer the cruelty, too :(

So, you, yes you who read this, lets pray for them. Don't you feel so sad watching videos and reading the news about them here in social media? Instead of just keep scrolling and skip the heartbreaking news, lets do them some favor. I feel so bad and so sad. Imagine to see your mother losing her legs but still alive and moaning in pain.

Can, not? :(

May Allah bless them, you and everyone.

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