Wednesday, July 23, 2014

life update

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Hey you guys. I just suddenly feel the urge to write today and talk about random things. 

These few days I hit my sack early but then woke up too early (too). So, I feel very tired during the day because of not getting enough sleep. Also, I have a slight fever almost every night but during the day okay jak nda demam langsung pun.

Gila not? Haihhhh.

Remember at my previous post I said I got like four piles of dirty clothes that need to be done? Well there are actually five piles all together. I have washed them all last week. It took me two days to get all done. Washing, drying, folding, hanging, and put some of them into the luggage. I feel great because doing laundry is really not my favorite.

How was your Eid preparation? Mine is moving very slow. The ceiling of my house is now being renovated so I can't even arrange the sofa and do some cleaning because house is filled with various of tools, barrels of paint, and white dust everywhere. Its been three days since last Monday. I hope the renovating and repairing work will soon be done. I miss hang in the hall watching TV, without inhaling white dust of course.

Frankly I was very uninspired to live these days. You know those day - you  feel like you don't want to live anymore? Haihhhh. But I have always found the reasons to continue living in my parents, grandparents, family, my cats, and my boyfriend. They gave me reasons to continue living. Love them sooo much!! 

I hate how people could take the person they love for granted. I hate people who favor their friends more than their family and lover. Just because your family and lover would always there for you and forgive you for whatever you did to them doesn't mean you can take them for granted.

I believe there is a way how to appreciate our friends, and it is a must to appreciate every single things that happen in friendship. But people just tend to forget how to appreciate and tend to hurt the people they say they love. People should learn how to appreciate everyone especially the people that they should really appreciate, dammit. Learn it from the books if necessary. 

My talk is getting longer and serious. I stop now. Happy Eid in advance, everyone!

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