Thursday, July 10, 2014

how to be organized

Yesterday when I woke up in the morning I knew I have so many house chores to do. "Today must be a very productive day!" I say. But lately those type of day don’t happen often lah because I'm still in my holiday mood(?), oh you know. 

I got like four piles of laundry that need to be done but it rained earlier in the morning, so cold lah haih! I don’t even want to touch the water. But it doesn't matter jugak lah. I still can survive another one month without doing any laundry. I have so many clothes FTW!! So I thought I will just let the piles, untouched. 

Ah! But its kinda scary to waste an entire day without doing nothing and time just passes by. Last Monday when I just woke up, I found out my mother was not around. At night, I asked my mother where she had gone during the day. She answered, "to school lah?" (my mom is a teacher). Seriously, I don't even remember what day is today!

Today after I spent some minutes talking to my cats (bahaha), I decided to tackle a project or two. In a corner of my room, there is a medium sized of wooden shelves which used to be my bookshelf. But now, the bookshelf  was loaded with files, magazines and so many nonsense things.

So many stuff and trash (I must say).

I don’t have dressing table here in my room (how about you?). But of course we do need a table to put our grooming items on. So basically, the shelf is where I put mine.

I kept the items that I often use and put away the ones that I rarely or never use. I threw some of them, too. I guess I need to stop buying nonsense things and keep only what I need. More same nonsense stuff more clutter. Like why bought new bottle or new compact powder if you already have one? Just for sake the new one looks way more cuteee-r? Moreover I don't have enough space to keep all the stuff organized.

Why lah I just realize it now? Haih, sigh.

Glad to see everything I REALLY NEED is in place. 

Today I learned ;

  1. To be organized, only keep necessary things.
  2. To be organized, only buy necessary things. Always think twice! And more!
  3. To be organized, throw trash into the trash. Why keep them in the shelves Nanaa?
  4. I don't have to buy a new file within 10 years from now. I found that I have 16 empty files.
  5. Buying nonsense things & finally throwing them into the trash can is like throwing your money, too.

Such a waste.

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