Wednesday, June 25, 2014

happy monthsary

June 25th 2014. Ben treat me a special lunch today because today is special and of course because I am special too.

{My favourite boy}

Thank you for being there for me all this while, bring me up because I am so, so down, deal with me at my worst, and still loves me at my best. But you know what I love the most is - the way how you make me feel, feels good to me. Past few months was such a very hard times for me, until you came into my life.

Remember the day we first started to talk to each other? :) Thank you for picking up this ugly duckling. I love you so much. Happy mwah-sary, sayang.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

missing people

This is Ben....dan you guys akan selalu nampak muka dia ni di sini. We met years ago but we never talk. Bumped a few times around campus and we were just like, oh hai. He is such a good looking guy, a forward-thinker person, a boy with small appetite wtf mine was bigger, doesn't looks like one but I know he is funny and spoiled, always look serious (but that was just his face), always walk with girls and I'm jealous.

By the way, while I'm typing this, he is missing. If found please return him back.

Because I miss him, so much.

Paling Chomel by Nana Ichigo